Mitch passed away on November the 10th 2013

After a year of battling cancer Mitch died peacefully at home on November the 10th. He was my best friend, a dedicated and loving father and husband, a great artist and a wonderful human being whose lust for life and passion for art meant so much to so many. I feel blessed to have shared my life with him for the last 15 years and I am proud of all the things we achieved together and most of all of our two boys. I will miss him so very much. I love you my darling. Hanna



  1. Dushyant Patel · · Reply

    Hanna, we are greatly saddened by the news of Mitch passing on to join all the great artists in the heavens. Please accept our deepest condolences. We embrace you and the boys in our love, thoughts and prayers. We wish Mitch a peaceful transition on to the afterlife. We will miss him a lot as a close friend who had great warmth and as a highly talented artist and an excellent teacher. We send you all our love and wishes for a peaceful time. Kwaheri rafiki!! Dushyant, Flo, Anzo and Amaya. Perth, Australia.

  2. Gunther & Gabriele Pluemicke · · Reply

    Dear Hanna,
    So sorry to hear about Mitch passing away. Our thoughts are with you and we will remember him through our memories and the beautiful paintings both our daughter and ourselves are blessed to have. Be strong and happy in the warm memories and your beautiful children.
    Gunther and Gabriele Pluemicke

  3. Liz Lord · · Reply

    So sorry to hear that news – we never met but had corresponded over our years here in the Alpes-Maritimes. Wishing the family strength at this terrible time.

  4. Hash Akib · · Reply

    He’s an inspiration!

  5. Beverly Ellsley · · Reply

    Dear Hanna
    I am so very sorry to hear this unhappy news. You and Mitch were such a strong delightful team my heart goes out to you and the boys at this sad time. Mitch was a terrific artist and a wonderful man. Take good care of yourself as we all know Mitch would want you to….

  6. Anne Thalmessinger · · Reply

    Dear family, I am so very sorry to have this news. Mitch came to my art group to give a talk and a lively demonstration which we all enjoyed. Martin Brooks,one of the group later went out for a summer course and enjoyed it very much.I am sure he will join with me in sending you love and condolences. With love from Anne Thalmessinger

  7. Chère Hanna, toutes mes condoléances à toi et les enfants. Je garderai de Mitch le souvenir d’un artiste au talent et à l’enthousiasme incomparable. Je vous embrasse, courage. Cathy (amie de Sally).

  8. Hanne Francia · · Reply

    Dear Hanna accept my deepest condolences. I have had beautiful moment together with Mitch, learnt a lot, and will always have nice memories from that time.
    Hanne Francia

  9. Lisa Schupbach · · Reply

    Dear Hanna,

    I’m so, so sorry. Please receive our deepest and sincere condolences. Our thoughts are with you and the family during these very trying times for you all. We have been blessed to have known Mitch and have the warmest memories of his life in Kenya.

    Hugs and lots of love,
    Lisa, Dea and the Schupbach family (Kenya and Switzerland)

  10. Danielle Boutkan(Schupbach) · · Reply

    Pole sana Hanna and the boys for having to miss Mitch. Will remember him from Naivasha, Kenya and Switzerland. Hold on to lots of beautiful memories you have shared in life and wishing you strength through these difficult times. Mitch, Safari njema….. sending you love&light- Danielle Boutkan(Schupbach), Pascal and family, Wateringen-Holland

  11. Laurent · · Reply

    Dear Hanna,
    I’m so sad to read these bad news.
    I’ve been working with Mitch during the 2000’s and I remember those happy days with him and you in the “Maison des Artistes” in La Colle.
    The show must go on Hanna, for you and your kids, Mitch is watching after you definitely.
    Laurent – Team Nature

  12. John Hope-Hawkins · · Reply

    Dear Hanna, Mitch was an inspiration to me and to so many, I knew him as a tutor, an accomplished artist and great person to work with and as a friend. We are proud to have filmed with him and to have had him demonstrate at our shows, where he held the whole audience in his hand as he demonstrated his magic. His sense of fun and great humour, and his wonderful smile were infectious and at the same time he was always professional, organised and dedicated to teaching others the joy of painting.
    We send you our deepest condolences and our thoughts are with you.

    John Hope-Hawkins
    SAA Chairman

  13. Dearest Hanna, You are in my thoughts and prayers, such a loss, I can’t believe it. I hope you are surrounded by support and love to help you bear your sadness. Much love Alison

  14. Hanna, so very sorry,your photos break my heart so I cannot imagine what is happening to yours. One day we may meet again, in Sweden, even laugh again – one day but not now.
    You always have a corner in St J
    eannet to stay.
    Tricia XX

  15. Bill & mo Aspin · · Reply

    We are very sorry to hear Mitch has passed away we knew he was not well. We only received our painting of us on Rue L’Eveche on the End of September and E Mailed Mitch to say it was fantastic & Mitch E Mailed back to say how pleased he was we liked it so much. We were so looking forward to seeing him in August 2014 & to have another one done at the Coffie shop in the square he was a lovely man a true gentleman we enjoyed talking with him we know his presence with be missed in Vence but we have our beautiful painting & when we move to our new home (which is what it is for) we will raise a glass to a lovely man who we knew briefly but we will never forget. We unable to attend the memorial service but our love and thought will be with you in Vence God Bless Mo & Bill Aspin England

  16. Inger Paulsen · · Reply

    Hanna, I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Mitch’s painting holidays were full of inspiration and wonderful art lessons and, not least, the wonderful south of France and the food – an amazing experience for a Canadian. My sympathy to you and your boys in whom Mitch lives on. Take care. Inger Paulsen, Alberta, Canada

  17. Bente Rytter · · Reply

    Dear Hanna, I am so sorry to hear this unhappy news, I have had so wonderful time with Mitch, and I remember those happy day in “Maison des Artiste” with him and you.
    Bente Rytter

  18. Olga Froonova · · Reply

    Dear Hanna, Anthony and Elton,
    We are very sorry to hear about your loss. Mitch was one of the best people we have ever met. Always very positive, encouraging and full of real sympathy. Patient, ready to listen and be totally honest as one can find only with real friends.
    I have learned a lot from him. Never to give up and follow one’s dreams. He was my preferred teacher. I loved to work with him in La Colle and to be there with you and the boys and more recently to visit him on Saturdays in the gallery in Vence. We will be there this coming Saturday the 30th very sorry that it will be the last Saturday to visit him in his gallery.

  19. Dearest friends, I would like to thank you all for your kind and loving comments, they mean everything to me. Thank you Hanna

  20. Ann Finlay · · Reply

    Dear Hannah,
    I am so sorry to hear of your sad and untimely loss. I treasure very special memories of Mitch from, initially, an amazing demo at my art group in England, and then the holiday of a lifetime, an inspirational week’s tuition at your hospitable Maison des Arts. Mitch had a flair for teaching, for bringing a scene to life and inspiring confidence. Be assured, his passion for loose and expressive painting will live on in students and admirers world-wide and never cease to inspire.
    Take with you all the best memories, pride in your life and achievements together and in your wonderful boys, who will love and care for you as you share your new paths. Ann Finlay

  21. Lesley Pairs · · Reply


    I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about Mitch.

    I only met him once, at an A&I exhibition in London where he painted my portrait as part of his demonstration.

    I truly feel sad and am sorry for your loss.

    Lesley Paris

  22. rjoynerartworks · · Reply

    I am saddened to hear about Mitch. He was an inspiration to my art and I certainly gained a lot of knowledge watching his videos. My condolences to the family.

  23. John Hope-Hawkins · · Reply

    There is a wonderful article about Mitch by Nick Kent in the Feb/March issue of the Riviera Reporter. Another reminder of this great inspiring man.

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