On Christmas Day 2012 I collapsed playing football and was diagnosed finally with a brain tumour. I have now spent the whole year on chemo etc. Unfortunately not entirely successful yet. We have decided to close the painting holidays and emigrate to Sweden in the Spring. However we will run the courses that are currently on for 2014. We have made so many friends over the years and wish you all well, hope to see you again somehow one day. Please feel free to contact us anytime. The gallery we have in Vence old town is now for sale. Best wishes. Mitch & Hanna


  1. Dear Mitch,

    Fear not. This too shall pass.

    Ever omward,


  2. Dear Mitch, our thoughts are with you. Good luck in the future.

  3. Dear Mitch.
    I am very sorry to read this. I heartily wish you the very best. Hope cancer can be cured and you will be happy in Sweden. I am glad to be one of your friends, and very grateful for all the inspiration you have given me through the years. Hope to see you again soon, fresh and ready for a new painting. Aina send here best wishes.
    The very best wishes from Björn Ingemann

  4. Your work is inspiring and emotive. Take care and be strong

  5. Liz Ritsma · · Reply

    Dear MitchI have watched your videos on you tube over and over again – they are inspirational. unfortunately I never got to your courses. They have led me to start using oils recently and as a result have grown so much in my artistic endeavours.I am shocked and saddened to hear of your health issues, I hope your plans to move to Sweden will precipitate a vast improvement in your current situation, and wish you and your family every best thing for the future Best WishesLiz Ritsma

    Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 10:59:42 +0000 To:

  6. Marita Liljeström · · Reply

    Dear Mitch and Hanna, I wish you all the best for your life in Sweden. Thank you for fine weeks in Vence!


  7. Dear Mitch and Hanna,
    For your friendship over the years and the many wonderful opportunities you have both given me…. thank you!
    You will be very much missed in France – I hope to visit you in Sweden and look forward to seeing those snowy paintings.
    With love from Sally.

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